Meet the 2015 Participants!




GradHow (2015 Winners) is developing an online platform to help college students reduce the uncertainty they encounter when they graduate by helping them to understand the employment opportunities that are relevant to them and by challenging the way employers recruit. By improving connections between employers and universities GradHow aims to improve the graduate employment process. The founders of GradHow are Ben Chadwick and Alan John Browne, who have both recently completed 3rd year commerce at UCD and Stephen Duffy who has recently completed 1st year commerce (international) at UCD.

CarGo is developing a carpooling app for the student community. Using the student login system the CarGo app will provide a platform offering a safe and social carpooling experience. The founders of CarGo are UCD students Andrew Costello, who has completed 3rd year politics and international relations, information and social computing and Hugh Fitzpatrick who has completed 3rd year archaeology and geology.


Clink is creating an online community to connect prospective third level students with current undergraduates and graduates to help them to select their college courses by empowering them to make informed decisions about their post-secondary school pathways. The founders of Clink are UCD students Anna O’Flynn, who has completed 2nd year economics, and John Byrne, who has completed 4th year commerce (international).

Meep’s aim is to make 18-25 year olds feel great about themselves by creating a social, fun-filled and esteem-building matching app. The Meep app will enable the youth of today to know the nice things that other people are thinking about them and has recently been validated by a large group of 18-25 year olds. The founders of Meep are UCD students Gary Melican, Andy Lyne and Cian Ó Faoláin who have completed 4th year commerce (international) and who just want everyone to be happy.

NootroLife aims to bring healthy cognitive optimisation to the general public through the sale of SmartCoffee. Through SmartCoffee, the combination of Nootropic (cognitive enhancing) ingredients with coffee, NootroLife plans to give consumers a way of increasing their memory, focus, motivation and therefore overall productivity. The founders of NootroLife are UCD students Conor Corroon, who has completed 2nd year science, Sarah Shanahan, who has completed pre-medicine and Enes Gahbiche who has completed 2nd year civil engineering.

UCD Startup Stars 2015 Participants Sole Sense

SoleSense is an innovative start-up which is designing pressure-sensitive insoles for running shoes to measure the impact force and power generation during a runner’s stride. This data will allow runners to optimise their running stride and to improve performance and reduce injury risk. The founders of SoleSense are UCD students Constantine Doherty, who has completed 1st year science, Colm Moran, who has completed 3rd year engineering, and Paul McDonagh, who has completed 2nd year engineering.


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